Reflection for the first Sunday of Advent

1st Advent (YrA)

Wake up from – wake up to.


The readings for the 1st Sunday of Advent gently invite us to wake up.  It begs the question, to wake up from what? To what?

All meditation practice has the same objective that is to practice the presence of God.  So we wake up from routine and rote to practice the presence of God.  As we go about our day, doing what we always do, we intentionally stop to practice an awareness of the presence of God.

God is primarily experienced in the Here and Now.  We wake up to God in the Hear and Now every time we consciously and intentionally stop to practice the presence of God until it is no longer a practice but a permanent attitude. 

Today I want to share with you what is called the three minute breathing space; not just a ‘time out’, a breather to give me a little break so that I can then go back to doing before in exactly the same way.  It is intended to help us actually shift whatever mode of mind we find ourselves.  For practicing the presence of God, we wake up from doing in a routine and allow our perspective to be influence by the Holy Spirit. 

For beginners it needs to be practiced three times a day for weeks until it becomes a natural way of interrupting your daily routines. 

It is a simple practice that allows us to consciously pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

You can download this reflection here.