A Warden's Tale...or.....'Watch out, Winter is coming!'

Well.....it's been a lovely Summer with our usual mix of weather. All I can say is, at the time of writing, the buttress remains dry. Nothing has happened with it and we are no further ahead so really there is nothing more to report on the matter. As we begin our slide towards Winter (sorry if the thought upsets you) we need to start dealing with it. So it's going to be a case of contacting our architect to restart the ball rolling.

Remember the Statement of Significance and Need ? (War and Peace to you and me). Well, our plans for the internal porch doors has been approved by the DAC ( Diocesan Advisory Committee) and we have made an application to the Diocesan Registrar by faculty for final agreement to proceed with the work.

This is how the process has been explained to me......The committee is made up of a group of people who discuss a number of proposals presented to them by churches in the Diocese. Once agreed they dispense their recommendations and requirements via a completed form called a 'notification of advice' The chairperson sends the completed document to the DAC secretary who duly signs them off and they get sent to us as part of the faculty  application pack. As soon as we get the faculty agreement it will be a case of asking the glazier to ensure the glass fits before we take it to the glass etcher to complete the memorial designs. On completion the glazier will finally fit the glass in the door and.....job done!! 

A memorial plaque, possibly also in glass will explain the significance of the memorial and we are confident the change will be appreciated by everyone. When people come in the main door they will be able to see straight into the main part of the church. The porch won't be as dark and those of us inside will be able to see who is coming in. This will make it easier for us to see who is there and to run after them in the event they don't come right inside. We need to be as creative as possible with regard to increasing our numbers! 😂😂

We had a wonderful Summer Lunch for people in our community who live alone or are lonely or isolated. This time we had over 40 people there who enjoyed a delicious Summer salad. Laurie Swaddling played the piano and there was a sing along. Personally I would have preferred listening because Laurie is an extraordinary musician and I can't sing for toffee. We were both proud and enormously grateful that he could play for us. Our next lunch is scheduled for 5th November, no prize for guessing what the theme will be!

As some of you may know, my 'senior warden' aka 'Brother Bede the Mad Monk' has had his feet up in Milton Keynes hospital for six weeks during the Summer. Well.....this week he came back to work (about time too!). Would you believe it.....when he walked into the church there were a number of things he was quick to point out:

1) The entrance porch could do with a bit of a tidy.

2) The collapsible table was still up and had not been put back in place.

3) The Paschal Candle was wonky.

4) One of the floor grilles was not covered up as it should be.

5) Other things but I had 'zoned out' by then.

I asked him if he would like an immediate return visit to Milton Keynes to which he said something like, ' well...and with me in my weakened state too'. It's so good to know that things can start getting back to normal and I can't wait to get on with the memorial glass in our inner porch doors. Welcome home Bede. 


Val Roberts.